Man Fights Smoke Shop Employee, Tries to Break into Nearby Home

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BRYAN - A College Station man admits to officers that he smoked meth and drank before fighting a local smoke shop employee and trying to break into a nearby house.

Christopher Jason Edwards, 20, was inside Fatty's Smoke Shop on Texas Avenue, in Bryan, Wednesday evening. Employees told officers that he appeared to be drunk and was swaying around. After leaving the store, Edwards got inside a car belonging to an employee. When the employee went outside for a break, he noticed Edwards inside his car and confronted him.

Edwards refused to leave the car and locked the doors. The employee went to the passenger side and unlocked the doors. The employee opened the driver side door and told Edwards to get out of his car. That's when officers say Edwards punched the employee in the face. The two got into a fight. Edwards was knocked to the ground during the fight. After he got up, he ran off into a neighbor hood, towards Mary Lake.

Officers went to search for Edwards, and found him in the 700 block of Mary Lake. He was arguing with a resident. Officers asked Edwards what was going on. He told officers he was trying to sleep. Edwards told cops he lived in the 14000 block of Connie Lane. According to the report, he told officers he didn't know what was going on and couldn't remember things from earlier in the day.

The officers noted that he was swaying and slurring his speech. Edwards told them he smoked about one gram of meth and drank five shots of Fireball Whiskey around 5 o'clock Wednesday.

The homeowner told cops that he and his girlfriend were watching a movie when they heard a clicking noise coming from the living room window. The homeowner said that Edwards was trying to open the front door. He grabbed his rifle, opened the front door and pointed the gun at Edwards. Edwards just grabbed the gun out of the homeowner's hands and tried to push his way inside. The two started to fight and the homeowner eventually got his rifle back.

Edwards was arrested. He's being charged with Criminal Trespass- Habitation, Public Intoxication, Criminal Trespass-Vehicle and Assault. He is in jail on $10,450 bond.