Man Gets 45 Years For Murder Of Brenham Woman

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BRENHAM – A man who killed a Brenham woman and burned her house down is sentenced to 45-years in prison.

Michael David Covington, 38, pleaded guilty April 15 to the September 2011 murder of Carol Lynn Voelkel. Police believe Covington strangled the 67-year-old Voekel after she walked in on him while burglarizing her house on Milroy Drive. He then set the fire in hopes of covering up the murder. Covington was indicted in November 2012.

Several family members were present at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing. A spokesman told Covington they would all pray for him, and that they hoped he would use the 45 years to repent and “find some humanity.”

Covington faced life in prison before the plea deal which Washington County District Attorney Julie Renken said the family agreed with.

“Mr. Covington is a cold-blooded killer,” Renken said. “The family can put this behind them without the stress of a long trial, and as a part of the agreement, all appeals have been waived.”