Man Killed in Texas May Be Connected to Colorado Shooting

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DECATUR, Texas - Colorado's governor says he's hoping the man who was involved in a shootout with Texas authorities today is the same man who shot and killed Colorado's state prison director at his home Tuesday night.

Gov. John Hickenlooper says there's "some indication" it's the same man.

A sheriff says the man is still unidentified, and is "basically legally deceased" while still hooked up to equipment for organ harvesting.

Authorities say he shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy who pulled him over today, and then led officers on a 100-mile-an-hour chase that ended when he crashed into a semi and then opened fire, before being gunned down by his pursuers.

The car he was driving matches the description of one that was seen outside the home of Tom Clements just before he was fatally shot while answering his front door.

Colorado investigators are heading to Texas to determine if the man was involved in the shooting of Clements.