Man Refuses to Leave ER, Gets Dragged Out Kicking and Screaming

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BRYAN A Bryan man is facing charges after refusing to leave the Emergency Room at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan.

29-year-old Wesley Clayborne Robinson is in jail on multiple charges stemming from his behavior Sunday night. According to the arrest report, Robinson was examined and ready for release, but refused to leave the exam room. ER staff called an officer over when Robinson refused to sign discharge papers. Robinson told the officer that he couldn't leave because he couldn't move his leg. The officer told him that he could be arrested if he didn't leave. Medical staff told the officer that he was medically cleared to leave the hospital.

When Robinson refused to leave, the officer and a staff member tried to stand him up. According to the report, Robinson went limp and sat in the floor. Robinson struggled when officers tried to handcuff him, claiming that he was being tased. The officer and hospital staff had to hold him down. A nurse cut through his hospital gown to get handcuffs on him. The entire struggle, Robinson was screaming and kicking. Other patients at the hospital started to yell for Robinson to leave the ER.

Eventually, he was dragged from the ER, kicking and screaming and arrested. He is facing Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespassing and Resisting Arrest charges. His bond is set at $8,000.