Update: Huntsville Teen to be Released from Hospital

Mckayla Chamberlain survived a fiery crash Friday afternoon thanks to the quick thinking of good Samaritan Robert Mitchell. Photo courtesy of Facebook.
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MADISONVILLE - UPDATE: A family spokesperson confirms that McKayla Chamberlain will be released from the hospital to stay with family while she receives treatment for broken bones and burns over the upper part of her body.


UPDATE from Saturday:

A Huntsville teen is lucky to be alive after crashing her car into a bridge south of Madisonville.

For McKayla Chamberlain's great grandmother, Joyce Batson, the message for a group of kind strangers was simple.

"God is with this child by putting you there and we thank you so much for that," Batson said.

Robert Mitchell was one of those strangers. He had come from Houston to Madisonville Friday to take care of a ticket, but it turns out the ticket had been dismissed. But that trip?

"Looked like it ended up it wasn't pointless," Mitchell said.

Mitchell's journey took him down Highway 75. As he approached the Bedias Creek Bridge eight miles outside of Madisonville, he noticed something wasn't right.

"I thought it was at first a brush fire."

But it was 16-year-old McKayla's work car.

Chamberlain had just run an errand when she crashed into the guardrail on the bridge.

"The car looked like an accordion," Mitchell said.

"[Chamberlain] had already rustled herself out of the car."

So Robert tried to extinguish the flames, but when that didn't work...

"I said 'you can't be sitting here, not in the middle of the road, oh no' so I picked her up and took her as far as my breath could hold her to the side of the road."

That's when some other passers-by came to help until EMS could get there.

"I just only hope that if it was me, someone would do the same for me."

"You see the remnants of the fiery crash behind me and if it wasn't for Robert Mitchell, there might have been a wooden cross next to this crash site."

Chamberlain received second and third-degree burns on her upper body and some broken bones.

Mitchell was dehydrated from the ordeal, but humble, too.

"Just doing what I know to do."

Chamberlain is expected to spend the next few months recovering.

Investigators are still looking into a cause of the crash.