Mansfield Woman Headbutts Officer While Being Booked into Jail

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BRYAN - A woman being processed at the Brazos County Jail is facing new charges after allegedly head-butting an officer.

Kori Hope Jackson, 22, of Mansfield, is being charged with Assault on a Public Servant. Officers at the Brazos County Jail say that Jackson was being extremely uncooperative during her booking process. She threatened to harm the officers, according to the arrest report. She's quoted as saying,"If you touch me I will kick you" and "I will (expletive) you up." and "It's my ring, take it and I will kill you."

When an officer tried to hold her down, she reportedly used her head to hit the officer in is his temple. The officer stated that he immediately felt pain and it caused a large swelling to form on his forehead. Surveillance video from the jail showed Jackson hitting the officer with her head.

She was already facing charges of Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest and Language. Her bond is set at $14,800.