Manhunt Continues For Murder Suspect After Dash Camera Video Captures His Escape

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BUFFALO, Texas Caught on camera.

Buffalo Police have released dash camera video of a fugitive wanted for murdering his girlfriend in the Houston area.

Colt Morgan was last seen by police on November 23rd after escaping custody from an officer.

News 3 spoke with investigators in Leon County on how Morgan managed to get away.

Colt Morgan has been on the run after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death in October.

Just released dash camera footage shows how a Buffalo Police Officer tried to take Morgan into custody.

Officer Stephen Pate of the Buffalo Police Department was on patrol November 23rd not knowing at first the suspicious man he stopped was wanted for murder.

29-year-old Colt Morgan's been on the run since late October accused of murdering his girlfriend Wende Marshall in Cypress and burning her body.

"I'm just going to check you for weapons," said Officer Pate in the video.

Police say Morgan was calm at first but then Officer Pate and he got into a fight when Morgan tried to pull out a pistol from his own waistband and then the officer's.

"Suspect tried to grab the officer's pistol. He was attempting to draw his own pistol. He had the weapon concealed in his waistband and the pistol recovered at the scene is a Glock .40 caliber," said Sheriff Kevin Ellis of Leon County.

Police say after Morgan head butted the officer he was tased and fell to the ground but the barbs from the taser fell out and Morgan was able to get away.

Buffalo Police Chief Lance Pavelka says the manhunt is continuing.

"Because of what Stephen did, he was able to cause that weapon to fall out and he did everything he could do to protect our citizens," Chief Pavelka said.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis tells us Morgan also broke into two vehicles at the Ridley Block Feed Plant off I-45 In Buffalo where he stole a wallet, a first aid kit and poncho.

He also reportedly broke into a barn a few hundred feet away and stole an ATV and possibly more firearms beside the pistol they recovered.

Last week they found his shelter but don't know whether or not he's still in town.

"There is a possibility he could have got out of here numerous ways; by train, by Interstate 45... He's a very dangerous person. What we're doing right now, we're following up on any leads that we have," said Sheriff Ellis.

Colt Morgan was last seen wearing combat boots, black bdu pants, a gray and black jacket and black toboggan and has an injury on his right hand.

He's a white male, 5'10 and 170 pounds.

Investigators believe he is still armed and say not to approach him, but call police if you see him.

Law enforcement officials say he has distant family in the area between Buffalo and Oakwood.

Investigators believe Colt Morgan stabbed his girlfriend Wende Marshall to death and then burned her body after an argument.

Harris County Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest in this case.

The Crimestoppers Hotline Number is (713) 222-TIPS (8477)