Manhunt for Houston Murder Suspect in Leon County Still Underway

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The search for a suspected killer out of the Houston area continues in Leon County. Investigators believe Colt Morgan stabbed his girlfriend to death and tried to burn and bury her body. They say it happened in October in the Cypress area, and investigators say they nearly pinned him down this weekend. Since his sighting, a lot of who live in the Buffalo area are nervous about a fugitive on the loose.

“He could be very dangerous,” said Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis.

Many people in the town of Buffalo are on edge after 29-year-old Colt Dewayne Morgan was spotted in the area. He's wanted for murdering his girlfriend in Houston.

“There is a lot of people on high alert, I know I am here and at the house,” said Brookshire Brothers manager Randall Lacour.

After Morgan was questioned by Houston investigators, they say he hightailed it out of Harris County and fled to Palestine, and shortly after, to a distant relative's home in Oakwood; a tiny town in Leon County, just 15 miles from Buffalo. Saturday night Morgan was stopped by Buffalo police while walking along Highway 79.

“When he approached him, he was calm and answered the questions, but when he went to pat him down, he fought with the officer and ran,” said Ellis.

The officer positively identified the suspect and tased him, however he still managed to get away.

“When he fell forward the wires of the tasers pulled out and he ran,” said Ellis.

Investigators say a security camera caught Morgan walking into a Brookshire Brothers grocery store over the weekend.

“He was probably about 5'9, about 170 pounds and had a heavy jacket on, he had a black toboggan on, he was real scruffy,” said Lacour. "I guess he just got really hungry; I think he bought some water and fruit."

He's also believed to have applied for a delivery driver job at Pizza Hut.

“He just walked in like a normal person and asked for a job application, and he said he didn’t have internet so we just handed him a copy and he said thanks and walked out,” said Pizza Hut General Manager Jessica Ramirez.

Tuesday, more reinforcements were brought in to zero in on a wooded area along Highway 79 and Interstate 45 where evidence of his whereabouts may have been found.

“It's only a matter of time,” Ellis said. “He’s been out in the cold for quite some time, so it's only a matter of time until we find him."

For now investigators with the Leon County Sheriff's Office and DPS Undercover agents continue their search for the fugitive.

A small red four-wheeler has been reported stolen close to where Morgan was spotted in Buffalo. Investigators believe he may have been behind the crime in an effort to get access to a moving vehicle.