Many Drivers Believe Highway 21 Is Dangerous, Want More Safety Improvements

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A head-on crash this week that killed two people on Highway 21 between Bryan and Madisonville has renewed concerns about the safety of the two-lane highway.

News 3 took a look at the latest crash data and why one dad is even keeping his daughter from driving on Highway 21.

It's a highway that saw another tragedy Thursday when two Madisonville drivers were killed in a head-on collision.

And it's just the latest accident.

Barry Seabranch lives near Highway 21 and F-M 974 in Brazos County, but is putting the brakes on letting his 15-year-old daughter drive 21.

" Because I've seen so many people be run off the road and with her lack of knowledge for driving I'm not going to let her drive on 21," said Seabranch.

According to TxDOT data from 2008 to now there have been five fatal crashes reported on Highway 21 between Bryan and Madisonville while there were 64 serious injury crashes.

Thursday's crash just east of North Zulch happened on Hibbetts' Curve.

"I know family of both of them. Yes I'm very sorry for that," said Sally Kankey, a Madison County resident.

The land on each side has been in Sally Kankey's family for generations. She thinks the speed limit should be lowered.

"There's many times that they do not go through the fence. But when we were keeping records at one point of time a few years ago we had in an 18 month period, we had 60 through the fence and many others off the road," Kankey said.

Here along the Kankey property the speed limit is 70 miles-an-hour while the suggested speed at the curves is 50.

The road has been repaved in recent years and TxDOT even added caution yellow signs to slow down ahead.

Highway 21 is also being widened, with four lanes coming to all of Brazos County by next January, but many residents want more changes.

"Patroling... you see a lot of DPS guys, but you don't see a lot of county police officers," said Barry Seabranch.

While it's on their wish list, TxDOT has no plans to widen Highway 21 in Madison County anytime soon.

DPS Troopers still don't know what caused the crash but have ruled out cell phone distraction.