Manziel Family Enjoying Johnny's Success

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NEW YORK CITY, NY -- It has been a busy four days for not only Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, but also his family. The Manziels were with Johnny in Orlando, Florida when he won the Davie O'Brien Award as the Nation's Best Quarterback and made their way to New York City on Friday for the Heisman Trophy presentation tonight at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Johnny Manziel's dad, Paul says watching the ceremony was something he and Johnny did as Johnny was a young boy.

"We'd watch the Heisman, he had a little Green Bay Packer outfit that he would wear and run around doing the poise. We watched a lot of things: Super bowls, World Series, Home run Derby we did it all."

"We played in the back yard. He would run and I would throw it to him. He would catch it and do the poise. Like all the kids do. For him to be here is very satisfying. God blessed him and we raised him! So we're very blessed as a family."

When ask what it would be like to be the father of a Heisman Trophy winner, Paul answered. "Wouldn't that be something to bring that home to College Station. For A&M, the Manziels, for all the friends. All the stuff that me and his mom have done for him. For him it's hard to wrap your arm around it. It's a big deal. I hope he gets a chance. I hope he gets it."

Johnny's mother, Michelle Manziel says the awards circuit has kept her son, who turned 20 on Thursday, pretty busy, but that's a good thing.

"We get to see him for an hour and then 15 minutes here and there'" said Michelle.

"But it's good. He's doing great and we want him to get some rest. And we're trying to give him his space too. And let him take advantage of the break times that he gets."

When ask if all the coming and going was worry some as a mother, "ESPN and the Heisman people have been first class. They have three or four people on him at all times. They do not let anyone mess with him."

"I think it's amazing what they have done for him. We're thrilled!"

Of course the real person that knows what is going through Johnny's mind these day is his sister Meri. The Allen Academy junior says, "It's tough to live with him now, I can't imagine after (if he was to win the Heisman Trophy). It's going to be a great experience and we'll learn as a family how to deal with it. I'm excited!"

Meri said the favorite play her big brother made during the 2012 season who catching the fumble in the first quarter of the Alabama game and finding Ryan Swope in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

Plenty of Texas A&M fans will be glued to their TVs tonight to find out if Johnny can join John David Crow in that exclusive club. Odds are in Johnny's favor since five of the last six Davey O'Brien winners have also won the Heisman.