Manziel Fans Leave Giant Message For Jerry Jones

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TYLER, Texas - Johnny Manziel fans have a message for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

In Manziel's hometown of Tyler stands a new billboard claiming it's now Browns territory. The town once filled with Cowboys fans, is now divided after the Heisman Trophy winner was passed by the the team and swooped up by the Cleveland Browns as the 22nd pick.

The idea came from former A&M student, Jamie McDaniel, after he and several Aggie fans bought the billboard at a silent auction for $450.

"I'm done with the Cowboys," McDaniel said. "Let's root for the Browns!"

Filled with hometown pride and Manziel mania, the Ags decided to leave Jerry Jones a message: "Tyler, TX is now Cleveland Browns Territory. Paid for by former Dallas Cowboys fans."

No word from Johnny Football yet, but according to McDaniel, Manziel's parents love it.