Manziel Pleads Guilty to Charge from 2012 Arrest; Other Charges Dropped

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BRYAN Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel pleaded guilty Monday to a Class B misdemeanor charge of failure to identify stemming from a 2012 incident in College Station's Northgate District.

Manziel, 20, was sentenced to two days in jail, plus a $2,000 fine and court costs, according to Brazos County Attorney Rod Anderson, who said Manziel will likely not serve any jail time because of time already served.

The Heisman Trophy winner had also been charged with disorderly conduct by fighting, a Class C misdemeanor, but as a result of the plea on the failure to identify charge, the disorderly conduct charge was barred from future prosecution. There was also a dismissal of the possession of a fictitious drivers license charge.

"He pleaded guilty to it, he owned up to it, he accepted responsibility and the fine has been paid in full. He's fulfilled his obligations to the court," said Cameron Reynolds, Manziel's attorney.

Manziel was arrested June 29, 2012 following a fight in Northgate. After authorities separated the people involved, Manziel, 19 at the time, provided a fake ID that showed he was 21.

Manziel was confined for three hours at the Brazos County Jail before his release on bond.

"This was way before he became the Heisman Trophy winner, and he was the starting quarterback. I think it was a good learning experience for him, because he really took it to heart. And obviously performed extremely well on the field," said Reynolds.

The quarterback had already been in the news from over the weekend, when he exited the Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana early because of illness. Manziel had been a counselor at the camp. He will be a part of the SEC Media Days Wednesday in Alabama, and will be up for awards at ESPN's ESPY Awards that same day in Los Angeles.