Johnny Manziel’s Autograph Hot Commodity

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Johnny Manziel’s autograph is a hot commodity that has made thousands of dollars for charities.

Aggieland Outfitters auctioned off 6 helmets with autographs of Aggie Heisman winners Johnny Manziel and John David Crow in this summer's Coaches Night tour. In total, the helmets took in $81,600 that went towards scholarships for Texas A&M students.

"We thought what a great way to partner with them and help raise funds,” said Dallas Shipp with Aggieland Outfitters.

Shipp says with the good deed from Manziel came the bad.

"There's been some inaccurate reporting out there across the country about the helmets,” said Manziel.

So did Manziel make any money from those helmets?

"All the money from those helmets went straight to the different A&M clubs. Johnny didn't receive any benefit for doing it. He did it for the clubs as well,” said Shipp.

Although the NCAA is investigating the recent allegations of Manziel profiting from signed merchandise, his autograph is still worth a lot of money.

On, we found one signed helmet going for $1,878.

On we found a Cotton Bowl Game football for about $1,500.

The price tags are still high for his autograph which is proof that Manziel's signature is a hot commodity.