Mayors Face Off in BCS CVB Shopping Showdown

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Bryan - Travel and tourism has its economic impacts, and Tuesday afternoon the Mayors of Bryan and College Station showed exactly what those impacts look like.

To showcase what the equivalent of per-household spending in tax revenues from travel and tourism looks like, Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski and College Station Mayor Nancy Berry raced around the aisles of the HEB on Villa Maria Drive to try and fill their carts with $800 in groceries. Recent State of Texas economic impact reports state that $7.9 billion was generated in local, state and federal tax receipts, which equates to roughly $840 per household.

The Mayors teamed up with one citizen from each city, and the teams had 15 minutes to go around the store to gather groceries of what they though to amount to $800.

It was a close battle, but after the groceries were tallied, College Station was declared the winner in the Bryan College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau's annual Shopping Showdown.

After the event, HEB generously donated all the groceries collected to the Brazos Valley Food Bank, and the two citizens that competed with their respective city mayors also donated their winnings back to the Food Bank.