McAuliffe, Cuccinelli Seek Votes on Virginia Governor's Race

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Both candidates in Virginia's governor's race have been looking to get supporters to the polls today, in a race that both sides say could be decided by just a few thousand votes. Turnout is expected to be low, with many voters turned off by negative campaigning from both sides.

The campaign has shaped up as a barometer of the moods of the voters -- and a test of whether a swing-vote state like Virginia could elect a tea-party-style governor -- Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

He's competing against Terry McAuliffe, a former Democratic Party chairman who brought Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton into the state to campaign for him in the final weeks.

Cuccinelli is pinning his hopes on voter frustrations with the health care law. He has tried to make the election into a referendum on the law, which McAuliffe supports.

One Republican who said he voted for Cuccinelli today said, "We just need less government, more conservative candidates." But others found Cuccinelli to be too extreme on issues including abortion and climate change. One man who described himself as a staunch Republican, but who was voting for McAuliffe, denounced Cuccinelli's legal fight with a climate scientist over global warming.