McDonald's All-Star Invitational Is Back In The Brazos Valley

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Bryan College Station seems to empty out in December, partly because of Texas A&M students going home for the holiday break.
And that can mean less business and revenue for the city. The Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsors sporting events like the McDonald's All-Star Invitational high school basketball tournament.

For the next few days basketball will dominate the Twin Cities.

"I am super proud, very, very proud," said Dina Nutall.

Dina Nutall cheers on her daughter from the stands.

"They need this practice to build up their confidence," said Nutall.

And it's a welcomed invitation says Dominique Powell with the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"December is usually a slower time in the community. It's right after the football season so we have a little lull; so we try to bring different events in to the community to generate some impact, economic impact into the community in the slower time," said Powell.

It's expected nearly four thousand people will come into the Brazos Valley to support the McDonald's All-Star Invitational basketball tournament.

Teams are playing this day to find out where they stand in the competitive brackets, which will lead to the championship game.

The Lady Jays from Snook High School just won a game and are excited.

"We are very excited cause this is a big tournament and a lot of challenges so it's something for us to compete in," said the team.

The Cougar booster club says it serves as a boost to the area.

"I mean they're using hotel rooms, restaurants, our local restaurants and even here at the concession. It's a great opportunity to help our local economy in College Station," said Michele Smith.

Earlier this month the first Brazos Valley Bowl was held at Kyle Field.
The Convention and Visitors Bureau says the economic impact surpassed their expectations at more than $1.5 million dollars.

The city continues to score and looks forward to the flow of growth throughout the year.