Media Flock to Aggieland for Manziel News Conference

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Media from across the country arrived at the Bright Complex at Texas A&M Tuesday for the first ever news conference with Johnny Manziel.

“He hasn't spoken with the media this year, so this is an opportunity that a lot of people are taking advantage of,” said Alan Cannon, Texas A&M Media Relations.

The country heard Manziel speak in a teleconference Monday, but no one had seen the freshman football phenomenon speak on camera before the news conference Tuesday afternoon.

A&M officials said they expected at least a hundred members of the media to attend the news conference at the Bright Complex.

“They’re coming in from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. We'll have USA today, Sports Illustrated, and we've had the folks from ESPN here all day,” said Cannon.

So why all the hype about hearing Johnny Football speak?

“You can watch YouTube, or you can watch cable stations, and you can see and hear from just about anyone at any time. We've been able to see this guy, but we haven't been able to hear from him in the longest time,” said Victor Diaz with Austin’s Your News Now.

That's why camera crews from across the country packed into the 200-seat auditorium in the bright complex hours early

Johnny Football told reporters his success on the field was a dream come true. But if you looked at the crows in the Bright Complex Auditorium Tuesday, you might think seeing the first-ever freshman Heisman candidate speak was Aggieland's dream come true.