Mega Millions Lottery Sales at 43,000 Tickets a Minute in Texas

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Mega Millions lottery tickets are flying out of lottery machines as fast as they can.

Dhaval Patel has owned The Oaks Food Mart in Bryan for 21 years and his store has seen soaring business.

"I actually opened up late this morning because I was worn out yesterday from selling so many tickets," said Patel.

Standing on his feet for 11 hours a day, Dhaval sells ticket after ticket and he hasn't seen this much action in a long time.

"When the lottery started, this is how it was for the first couple of years," said Patel.

Rita Guedea has a unique plan of hitting several lottery retailers for her lucky numbers.

"So far I've gone to three, I started in Bryan so I'm heading College Station now," said Guedea.

People who normally don't play the lottery are taking a chance this time.

"I just purchased a Mega Millions ticket, hoping I win tonight. Is it tonight, right," asked lotto player Keasia Martin.

Martin may not know when the drawing is but she does know exactly what she would do with the winnings.

"I'm going to get a brand new car, do something for the kids of mine, then we're going on a family trip," said Martin.

"I think I'd help a lot of family members out," said Guedea.

The lottery could even make a big payout to Dhaval. If his store sells the winning ticket, he could earn $1 Million himself.

"Hopefully somebody will win it. I don't feel like working here next week like what I'm doing right now," joked Patel.

If no one wins Friday night's Mega Millions Lottery, Tuesday's drawing will be worth close to one billion dollars.