Men Strut In Stilettos To Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence

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The saying goes, "put yourself in her shoes." Tuesday night, nearly 40 people strutted in high heels to bring attention to sexual violence.

They're strutting high fashion for women, but there's just one thing...these aren't women models, they're men. They are taking part in something called "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" on the Texas A&M campus.

"Its really about supporting the women on campus," organizer Angel Glover said.

These brave men faced the daunting task of walking one mile around campus in stilletos to raise awareness and educate the community about sexual violence.

Glover is the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" coordinator. She says sexual assaults happen on Texas A&M's campus as well as any other campus across the nation.

"This event starts to open the door and bring awareness to the fact that this issue is going on," Glover said.

Each painful, wobbly step raises money that goes directly to the TAMU Women's Resource Center. These men say it's how they are taking a stand against sexual violence and that the pain of the pumps is worth it.

The men attracted plenty of attention, and volunteers. Bianca Aguilar helped out with the walk.

"I think it's a really cool event just because it shows all the support they have for all the women they may know or friends they have in their life," Aguilar said.

The big winner of the race not only gets bragging rights, but knowledge that they are helping victims of sexual violence. This marks the third time "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" has been held on campus. Organizers are expecting today's walk to raise nearly $900.