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For those of us in the Brazos Valley, picking up your favorite bottle of Messina Hof is as easy as going to the winery or the store.

But now there's another option for those looking to uncork something different.

"The presence of Texas wine has to expand. We have to always be looking for opportunities to get ourselves out there," said Messina Hof CEO Paul Bonarrigo. is now carrying Texas wines from 13 wineries across the station including locally produced Messina Hof.

"When opportunities like this come up, we were jumping all over them trying to get Texas wineries to be involved," said Bonarrigo.

The Lone Star State is the fourth largest producer of wine in the country and with a program like Amazon's wine store, more people can get a taste of Texas.

"The quality is there, it's just a matter of getting it into the mouths of consumers," said Bonarrigo.

These 13 wineries being sold on Amazon are unique to Texas in their own way and featuring unique wines is what the Amazon Wine Store is all about.

"They're tying not to showcase huge wineries that already have a national presence. They're trying to focus in on the medium size winery that has good quality that isn't quite national yet. To give them that door to hit a national audience," said Bonarrigo.

Here's a toast to Texas success.

Now folks that order online do pay taxes on the wine according to the state they live in. It's up to the folks at Messina Hof to keep track of those sales, manage the taxes and report it to the states.