Migratory Hummingbirds Finding Local Feeders

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HUNTSVILLE It's Hummingbird migration time, and some nature lovers in Huntsville are getting a good look at some visitors.

Around 6 Wednesday evening, Ashley and Barb Waters of Huntsville noticed what they called a literal "swarm" of hummingbirds, more than 30, hovering around their feeders for a shot at the nectar.

This is one of the pictures they took.

These hummers could be just the beginning of the fall migration through this part of Texas, or some could be just hanging out.

Ashley says his local source of hummingbird food, the Huntsville Brookshire Brothers, has been out of supply for well over a month. But they are getting a new shipment, soon, or you can make your own.

See below for a link to a recipe.