Milam County Skeletal Remains Positively Identified

The Milam County Sheriff’s Office has concluded an investigation into the identity of a partial skeleton located in a wooded area along U.S. Highway 77 north of Cameron. Forensic Investigators have positively identified the remains as having been those of Miguel Regalado-Jaramillo a 26 year old male immigrant from Mexico reported to have resided on FM 979 in Milam County.

On January 13th 2011 the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a man who reported seeing a human skull while picking up trash along U.S. Highway 77. Sheriff’s personnel, along with the assistance of the DPS Crime Lab out of Austin, worked for over twelve hours processing the wooded area off of Highway 77 near County Road 139 Loop, where the human skull was found. The remains went to the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office where they ruled that the cause of death could not be determined.

After several months DPS Lab personnel were able to retrieve a name on a badly damaged Mexican identification card, which had been in a pair of jeans recovered at the scene. With a possible name, family members in Mexico were located and DNA tests were performed in order to confirm the identity as that of Mr. Jaramillo.

Based on the investigation by the Sheriff’s Office, Ranger Hatfield of Waco, the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office and a team of forensic anthropologists, no evidence could be found to determine just how Mr. Jaramillo died. The Sheriff’s Office did learn that Mr. Jaramillo would occasionally travel back and forth to Mexico to visit family without telling anyone. Persons familiar with Mr. Jaramillo never believed that he was missing; they thought he had merely gone back to Mexico to be with his family.

Sheriff David Greene was notified of the positive identification in March of this year and arrangements were made for the family to recover the remains. Jose Luis Chavez of the Consulate General’s Office of Mexico met with Chief Deputy Chris White and took possession of the remains of Mr. Jaramillo so that he could be transported back to Mexico for burial.