Missing 12 Foot Python Turns Up in Local Woman's Bathroom

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COLLEGE STATION - A College Station woman was surprised to find a 12 foot long python in her bathroom. Police say the woman called 911 after discovering the reptile nine days ago.

According to the Bryan-College Station "Eagle" newspaper, Veronica Rodriguez found the snake inside her bathtub. She told the newspaper it likely slithered in the open back door recently.

Police responded, as did animal control. Officers were apparently able to catch the snake in a city trash can.

It was taken to the Aggieland Humane Society which says it then posted online about having custody of the snake. Kathy Bice, Aggieland Humane Society Executive Director, says the owner contacted them. He said he had moved from College Station about two months ago and that the snake had been missing since.

Bice says the snake is an African Rock Python, which are typically more aggressive snakes and that under the law the owner must have a permit to possess. The owner showed authorities his permit and the snake was returned to him.

"How do you lose a snake that big? That's what I want to know. How do you lose something that big and that mean? That's like letting a lion escape from the zoo -- you can't! I don't understand," neighbor Reighna Taylor said.

Since police say the owner did nothing wrong, police are not releasing his information, as much as we'd like to get his side of the story.