Missing Dog May Have Saved Owner's Life

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A Sam Houston State University graduate student said he owes his life to his dog after a violent crash along Interstate 45. Now his beloved pet is missing, and he's hoping someone will help bring him home.

Indiana natives Brad Montgomery and Josie Mundell are high school sweethearts. Together, along with their seven-month-old dog, Roman, they decided to head to Huntsville so Brad could work on his master's degree.

About an hour outside Huntsville, Brad said he heard a noise coming from one of his tires.

"My tire blew and spun me around," Brad said. "I tried to save it, but it pulled me left. That pushed me up into the median. I flipped three times."

Brad said several people stopped to help, including a doctor who happened to be driving by.

"I have a fractured C6 vertebra," Brad said. "My left arm was torn up, and I also had 17 staples in my head because my head was split open."

Josie was driving in another car in front of Brad. She said she saw the whole thing in her rear-view mirror.

"It was like everything stopped," Josie said. "And I thought I was watching him die."

Brad said if Roman hadn't been sitting right next to him, things could have turned out much worse.

"I tried to grab a hold of him," Brad said. "So I reached across my seat."

The truck flipped. The roof over the driver's seat, where Brad had only moments ago been sitting, crushed inward.

Fearing the worst, Josie ran to Brad's side..

"There was dirt all over his face and body, and there was blood on his head," Josie said. "He kept telling me to find Roman."

In the confusion, Brad said Roman ran off.

"Josie went back to look for him a while later and saw him in a corn field, but he's super scared and took off running and we haven't seen him since," Brad said.

Brad and Josie put up flyers in the area Roman was last seen. They're hoping anyone with information will give them a call. If you know anything, call Brad at 765-318-8051.