Mission Madisonville Sharing Gospel, Encouraging Kids In Need

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Madisonville, TX Dozens of teens are choosing to spend part of their summer making a difference in Madisonville.

Volunteers from across the state and country are there this week helping those in need.

News 3 saw the lessons learned during Mission Madisonville.

It's not a field day but some life changing activities for kids who call Madison County home.

This week more than 50 youth volunteers from across the state and across the country are sharing the Gospel.

David Glover will be a sophomore in Madisonville next year and came to serve with Madisonville Christian Fellowship.

He says he can really relate to these young boys and girls.

"I guess it just puts a smile on their faces to know that they are loved and what not," said Glover.

There are also some good times for kids who are in need with Vacation Bible School, arts and crafts, and time to play.

Service projects are also happening as part of the week's activities including repairing the community garden. The food here will help feed people in the area.

7-year-old Jayla Craft and her brother Jerteavius Brown love this week.

"They've been nice to me and we go and have a sleepover and stuff," said Craft.

"We've been playing kickball, dodgeball. After we play all the games we go eat and we go learn about God," said Jerteavius Brown.

Zach Schroeder lives in Tennessee but is originally from Madisonville and comes back home every year to lead this ministry he started.

"I had an opportunity to give back to my community and the people that raised me. And a town like Madisonville is small enough they raised me altogether and I figured I'd give back to them," said Schroeder.

Giving joy and hope while working to love the Lord.

There's a free concert happening Wednesday night at Madisonville High School as part of Mission Madisonville.

That's located at 811a South May Street, Madisonville, TX 77864

Musicians Chris Allen and Bryce Cole will perform from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M.