Mistreated Dog Recovering After Being Hit By Car And Also Shot

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It's a story of survival for a dog hit by a car in Robertson County on New Year's Day that had also been shot and abused.

News 3 went inside the Texas A&M Vet School for Bob the dog's rehab and discovered a special bond forming between him and one of his caretakers.

It's hard work getting Bob back on his feet.

The young pit bull mix was found in the middle of the road of Highway 6 near OSR near the Robertson and Brazos County lines.

"He's starting to be a happy dog," said Texas A&M Vet Technician Susan Lobit.

Lobit continued to have hope for him after multiple surgeries for broken legs, a broken pelvis and something even worse.

"They found some shotgun pellets and some pellets were obviously at some point in his life. He was somewhere and somebody shot him," she explained.

His mood declined after the surgeries and many of the experts thought he wouldn't make it, but Lobit thought a change of scenery from his kennel would help with his recovery.

She's fostering him at her place in Shiro and drives him to College Station for therapy on her own time when she's not working.

"Bob actually has done well for where he's at," said Lobit.

"Well my wife says Bob the dog is a lot nicer than Bob the prof most of the time," joked Bob Strawser, Ph.D.

Strawser is a Texas A&M Mays Business School Regents Professor and board member for the Brazos Animal Shelter.

He and his wife Carol rescued Bob after his injuries and are paying to get him healthy again.

So far his medical bills are more than $20,000.

"We just want him to be as close to being a normal dog as possible but he's getting there," Stawser said.

"I just wanted somebody to hear him and give him a chance," said Lobit.

Moving forward with Bob, one step at a time.

Bob spent more than two months at the Texas A&M Vet ICU before moving to Susan Lobit's house at the first part of March.

It's unknown who's responsible for his prior mistreatment.