Mock Explosion Drill Prepares Area EMS Teams

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Responding to emergencies is something paramedics are trained to do.

"We've got stretchers in this one, so initially we can bring patients off an ambulance in a stretcher so that we can assign them a bed in another tent," explained Robertson County EMS Chief, Chris Lamb.

Wednesday afternoon those skills were put to test during a mock mass casualty search and rescue operation.

"When there is an event, this planning process allows us to be prepared at the level we need to be," said David Rogers, Executive Director of the Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council, or BVRAC.

It took less than three hours to transform the parking lot of the Brazos Center in Bryan into a fully functional mobile hospital. The mock trauma center is set up to assist hospitals where patients can be triaged and treated.

"It's essential because a lot of the area we serve is a rural population,so for instance, Leon County that doesn't have a hospital, we can bring our medical tents together to form this alternate care site and give them a primary facility where they wouldn't otherwise have one," Rogers said.

"We have medical equipment that we would have shipped out to us if it were a real situation as far as medications, IV equipment," Lamb said.

Chris Lamb is with the Robertson County EMS and says this trauma training came in handy during Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Gustav.

"We had a whole bunch of patients that were flown in on C-130s from the coast," said Lamb. "St. Joes and Robertson County EMS had their shelter set up on the tarmac at the airport and we were flying patients in, triaging them and flying them out to appropriate facilities for treatment."

While different hospitals provide different levels of care, it's a system that is enabling the Brazos Valley to be prepared for the disasters in the future.

"There are 22 other trauma service areas which we work together in the state to develop a trauma plan," Rogers said. "That planning allows us to know where to take the right patients at the right time."