Montgomery County Sheriff's Need Help Solving Cold Case

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The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Squad is looking to the public to help solve a mystery.

On Saturday, January 20, 2001, a bulldozer operator was clearing a wooded area on Bilnoski Road near Afton Park and found human skeletal remains on top of the ground.

Searching the area investigators found human remains, pieces of clothing and a set of partial dentures. The investigation focused on the dentures to identify the victim but leads went cold.

In 2008, Cold Case Squad Detectives took the skeletal remains to the University of North Texas - Center for Human Identification for DNA analysis and a DNA profile was submitted to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) for entry.

Cold Case Detectives focused on the dentures and found that they had been issued by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to Feaster “Jack” Jewel Eaton.

Detectives searched for family members to obtain DNA samples to help with positive identification. With leads exhausted a private genealogical research specialist volunteered time to help and family members were eventually found living in Texas. DNA samples were collected by detectives and the remains have now been identified as that of Jack Eaton.

Family members interviewed by investigators remember that Eaton last visited family near Temple, Texas in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s and believed that he had been living in the Conroe area working as a machinist.

Another family member had previously relayed a story to the family that while searching for Eaton in Conroe in the early 1980’s they found Eaton’s car at a gasoline station and a male described as Native-American had possession of the car. That person told the family member that Eaton had given him the car and said that Eaton was last seen in the company of a Hispanic male. The family member reported to other family members that personal items belonging to Eaton were inside the car. Investigators have not been able to locate the family member that had come to Conroe.

Cold Case Detectives do not believe that Eaton had been reported as missing and government documents place Eaton in Willis, Texas in 1982.

Feaster “Jack” Jewel Eaton would have been 60 years-old in 1982, and detectives believe that Eaton may have met with foul play.

Anyone with information about Feaster “Jack” Jewel Eaton should contact Cold Case Detectives at 281-297-6507 or through Montgomery County Crime Stoppers at 800-392-(STOP) 7867. Anyone contacting Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous.

A profile of missing person’s cases (foul play) and unidentified human remains under the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office can be viewed at and clicking on the “Cold Case” tab under Divisions.

Feaster “Jack” Jewel Eaton