Montgomery County Murder-Kidnap Suspect: "Mentally, I'm Borderline"

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SPRING, Texas -- The woman accused of shooting a mother outside a pediatric center and stealing her infant spoke about the crime from behind bars Sunday.

"One day, I’m a law abiding citizen, a mother who’s never done anything wrong. The next, I’m a monster," said Verna McClain.

McClain, 30, is charged with capital murder for allegedly killing Kala Golden Schuchardt and abducting her 3-day-old baby after suffering a recent miscarriage.

KHOU 11 News reporter Rucks Russell witnessed a visit between McClain her fiance Kevin Carter and activist Quanell X.

Russell said McClain was despondent throughout much of the visit, breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably in the room.

"I’m nothing like what these people are making me out to be. I’m the same person everybody knows and loves," said McClain. "Don’t sit and look at me as if I’m some sort of monster. I’m not. Until you know the facts, don’t sit and judge."

Montgomery County investigators said that McClain had been pregnant with her fiance’s child and the couple was planning to marry in May. But after she suffered a miscarriage, investigators said McClain decided to find another child and convince her fiancé it was his.

"Right now, I’m so paranoid I don’t know who to trust," said McClain. "Mentally, I’m borderline."

Carter showed us text messages that he says McClain sent him before the murder. One of them reads:

"I love you so much you will see us tomorrow ok i promise im [sp] depressed and everything crying very emotional i dont [sp] want everyone to see me like this."

Another text said: "Im [sp] ok babe just feel like a big a... baby today even had my gun out no bs so my mind frame is totally off."

A third text read: "Sorry if your [sp] mad i understand ok but this is the first time ive [sp] had post partum depression and it sucks."

"The text messages absolutely indicated that this lady needed some help and she was mentally and psychologically, totally unstable," said Quanell X.

McClain's mental status is expected to be part of her defense team's strategy.

She pleaded not guilty last week and remains jailed without bond.