More 75 MPH Speed Limit Signs Popping Up In Brazos Valley

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It may soon take you less time to reach your destination.

TxDOT is raising the speed limit to 75 miles-per-hour on some area roadways, including parts of Highway 6 & Highway 21.

This comes after the Texas Legislature passed a law allowing for raising the limit if speed studies determine it can be done safely.

The first new 75 mile-per-hour signs are up on Highway 6 between Calvert and the Falls County line, heading toward Waco.

In Bryan and College Station drivers' signs will be changing too.

Soon you'll be able to travel 75 on Highway 6 through all of Brazos and Grimes Counties.

New signs are popping up across the region and drivers are still getting used to the changes.

If you like to travel fast then Texas is leading the change in the nation.

David Breeding was on his way to a meeting in Waco and didn't know he could go 75 miles-an-hour now.

"I hadn't noticed a change. Traffic's moving along pretty smoothly," said Breeding, a College Station driver.

He doesn't come this way often.

On Monday TxDOT installed new signs along Highway 6 on an 11 mile stretch from the Falls County line to Calvert.

Breeding says he'll go that fast but worries about farm and ranch operations along this stretch of roadway.

He said a truck just pulled out in front of him.

"Yes a gentlemen in and old truck with a long trailer pulled out in front of me. He allowed adequate time for a vehicle at the stop sign. I don't think he allowed adequate time for the long trailer for people going 70, 75 in that range," Breeding said.

While this is the closest 75 sign so far to Bryan / College Station, many more are coming, but you won't be able drive the faster speed limit until the signs go up.

Charlotte Brown also likes the change. Driving from Houston to see her mother in Waco is a routine trip.

"All the time, all the time and going 75 would at least knock off at least 30 minutes," said Brown of Houston.

But in Calvert Police Chief Nancy Juvrud warns people they'll still have to slow down to 35 MPH.

"We have shoppers, we have children. Our children on the west side have to cross the highway to go to school," she explained.

Other roads include Highway 21 from Lee County to west Bryan.

Even Highway 47 will see an increase.

U.S. 290 from Waller County to Fayette County will be rising as well.

"I don't see it significantly increasing safety risks for travelers," said David Breeding.

All the new signs are expected to be up by the Spring of 2013.

After the change in law 8,892 miles of Texas roads now have speed limits of 75 miles-per-hour or greater.

The speed limit on a five mile stretch of Highway 6 between F-M 2818 and Boonville Road will be reduced from 70 to 60 miles an hour starting next spring, because of construction.

That ramp project is expected to take around 20 months.

Here is the list of other upcoming 75 MPH roads:
Brazos County
Highway 21 from the Brazos River to the west Bryan city limits.
Highway 6 from the Robertson County line to the Grimes County line.
Highway 47 from Highway 21 to FM 60.

Burleson County
Highway 21 from the Lee County line to the Brazos River, excluding Caldwell and Cooks Point.

Robertson County
Highway 6 from the north Calvert city limits to the Falls County line.

Grimes County
Highway 6 from the Brazos County line to the Waller County line.

Washington County
Highway 290 from the Waller County line to the Fayette County line.excluding Brenham and Chappell Hill.

Freestone County
US 287 from the Navarro County line to the Anderson County line.