More Construction, Delays Along Highway 6

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Another day, another phase of a Texas Department of Transportation multi-million dollar Highway 6 construction project.

Crews spent much of Friday closing off a lane of northbound feeder-road traffic and the entrance and exit ramps of Highway 6 between University and Briarcrest.

Bob Colwell with TxDOT said this marks the halfway point of the exit and entrance ramp construction project along Highway 6.

As with the other projects, the ramps will be reversed.

"Where there used to be an entrance ramp, there will now be an exit ramp, and where there was an exit ramp, there will be an entrance ramp," said Colwell.

Colwell said in the case of a traffic backup, the reversed ramps will keep the backup on the feeder road as opposed to on the highway.

"Traffic was starting pile up on the main lanes of State Highway 6," said Colwell. "Well, that's not safe if you're having traffic that's going 75 miles per hour, which is the normal speed out there."

This phase of the project will take about three months to complete. Colwell said northbound drivers should exit 60/University to get to Briarcrest. If you miss the exit, you'll have to turn around at Boonville Road.

Colwell said while there's not specific order for the projects, traffic issues are their biggest concern.

"We did the ones around 30 to the mall entrance, because we knew that during Christmas, there's a lot of traffic that goes through that area," said Colwell.

Traffic along Highway 6 in the construction zone has been reduced to 60 miles per hour.

Colwell said crews will get to work on the ramps between Briarcrest and Boonville once this one wraps up. The entire project is expected to be completed by Spring of 2015.