More than 50 Cats Rescued from Home, Now Undergoing Treatment

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"Once you get involved in animal welfare you hear about these stories, but up until last week I had never seen it in this community," says Judy LeUnes, of the Brazos Animal Shelter.

Thirty-five cats were seized from a College Station home last week. And now this week. Not one. Not two, but more than 60 cats were rescued from a home in Brazos County Tuesday night.

"This is Brazos County's first seizure-hoarding case, so it's very taxing and emotional to get 90 something cats in seven or eight days," says LeUnes.

Sifting through pile after pile of feces--it took Brazos County Sheriff's more than six hours to find every single cat.

"On the bed there were just piles and piles of feces," says LeUnes. "People are sitting in chairs piled with dried feces. And it's not like these cats were living in this home all by themselves, the owners were living in these conditions as well."

Now the Brazos Animals Shelter is assisting in damage control.

"When someone gives us a call and says we're bringing you 55 to 60 cats, we're ready to go," says Melissa Ball, of the Brazos Animal Shelter.

More than 50 of those 60 cats rescued are being treated at the shelter's future home off of Leonard Road. Six remain in quarantine, while the remaining 49 sit and wait to be nursed back to health.

"What we've seen so far is upper respiratory problems, we've seen some that are malnourished and a lot of them have quite a bit of fleas," says Ball.

Sitting on 17 acres, the facility has not opened yet, however, LeUnes says she is thankful the shelter now owns land for emergency situations like this one.

"If the two governments involved in these two current seizures had not had contracts with us to provide animal services, I can't imagine what the county would have done or where these cats would have been kept," says LeUnes.

Turning the good into what could have been a much worse outcome; both LeUnes and Ball say they are optimistic each of these faces will be rehabilitated back to good health--and ultimately adopted into a more sustainable place to call home.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, you can begin filling out applications Monday morning at the Brazos Animal Shelter in Bryan (see address below). For additional questions you can call: (979) 775-5755 or you can email

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