Mother Among Those Shot in CS was Helping Daughter Move to A&M

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Barbara Holdsworth was hit in the shooting that left three dead, according to her friend — prominent Houstonian Margaret Reckling. Reckling has been posting updates on her friend's condition on her Facebook page with the latest: "A report from Barbara's daughter, Sarah: She is in ICU and has lung damage. The surgeons said 'she is not out of the woods, yet'."

"She is in surgery right now, please keep her and the other victims in your prayers," Reckling wrote of Barbara Holdsworth.

Sarah Holdsworth is a Texas A&M student. Reckling writes that Barbara was in College Station to help her daughter move from a house near the site of the shooting to another place.

In a news conference in College Station Tuesday morning, the College Station Police Department said that Holdsworth is in critical but stable condition.

Three people have died — the shooter, a police officer and male civilian — in the incident that shook College Station and a Texas A&M campus largely quiet during a summer break. Four others are reported to be injured. One witness tells the Associated Press that she heard around 30 gunshots.

A phone call to a Houston number for Barbara Holdsworth by CultureMap went unanswered.