Mother of Lone Star College Suspect Speaks Out

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A Houston mother is both relieved and furious now that evidence shows her son was not the gunman in Tuesday’s Lone Star College shooting, after all.

Michelle Felix had the worst three days of her life after her son, 22-year-old Carlton Berry, was charged with the shooting that left him and two others wounded.

Everything changed when Berry told investigators that his friend, Trey Foster, was the triggerman. The other two shooting victims later identified Foster as the man who shot them. He’s still on the run.

"My son has been blasted over 50 states. It is very, very devastating how they has taken my child and just made him out as this monster," Felix said.

Felix said she believed her son was innocent from day one.

"He called me and said, ‘Mom, I’m OK. I’m good. I haven’t done anything,’" Felix said.

Authorities aren’t saying whether the charges against Berry will be dropped.

Meantime, Foster’s grandma is worried sick about her grandson. Mary Bingley said Foster went to Lone Star College Tuesday to check on getting his barber’s license.

"He was cutting hair since he was 14," she said.

Bingley was terrified he’d been shot when she saw video from the scene.

"It was a man on the stretcher and he had a red shirt on and we worried that we didn’t know if it was Trey or not," Bingley said.

The man she saw on the stretcher was Berry, who was also wearing a red shirt Tuesday.

Bingley said she hasn’t seen Foster since Tuesday. Police believe he fled the Houston area. When they find him, he will be jailed on an aggravated assault charge.