Muddy Roads Causing Major Problems in Grimes County Neighborhood

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GRIMES COUNTY People who live in a Grimes County subdivision, just north of Bedias, say their roads are more like mud pits when it rains.

"We'd complained about the pot holes in the road. They smoothed it out and it looked real nice. Then when it started raining, there it is, your worst nightmare," said Frank Dees.

Residents say it all started two weeks ago when the developer, called 5GLT, started fixing several roads in the Shannon Place Subdivision. Crews allegedly tore up the gravel then disappeared - leaving their equipment on the side of the road and a mess for people to drive on.

Now, neighbors helping neighbors out of the mud has become a common sight.

"There was an old lady who was stuck in her van all night and nobody knew that she was stuck," said Andi Turner.

Residents tell us the rain earlier this week was crippling for the neighborhood.

"What if someone gets sick and needs an ambulance? Or what if there's a fire? They're not going to be able to get either one - an ambulance or a fire truck - back here," said Turner.

Grimes County officials say the subdivision and their roads are private, so fixing the problem is the developer's responsibility.

Neighbors tells News 3 they've repeatedly called 5GLT, but hit a dead end.

"We don't want to have to go through this anymore," said Dees.

News 3 spoke with the developer Thursday afternoon and a spokesperson said the company is aware of the problem, and they plan to start fixing the roads by Monday.

5GLT also offered to reimburse any residents who had to be towed out of the mud.