Multiple Highway 6 Wrecks Cause Traffic Backups in Bryan

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Multiple wrecks on Highway 6 in Bryan caused major traffic backups Wednesday.

According to Bryan Police, the first accident was reported shortly before 8:00 a.m. Wednesday. A truck was reportedly trying to get on the highway at Briarcrest Drive, but traffic was backed up at Boonville Road. Unable to merge and unaware of traffic stopped on the exit ramp, the truck hit the rear of an SUV, sending it across multiple lanes and into a backyard of a residence.

The SUV's driver had to be pulled from the vehicle and was taken to St. Joseph Hospital with what are being described as "significant," but non-life threatening injuries.

The truck's driver, Tasha McCoy, was cited for causing the accident. Her truck stopped in front of Scott & White on Boonville.

Another car was hit in the collision. No other major injuries were reported by Bryan PD.

Other accidents occurred on Highway 6 near the time of this accident. A second rear-end collision was south of Briarcrest, but no one was injured.

There were also no injuries in a third rear-end wreck just north of University Drive. A fourth accident happened in that same area, but again, there were no major injuries, according to BPD.

Highway 6 reopened shortly after 10:00 a.m. Wednesday.