Mumford Post Office to Close at the End of June

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MUMFORD - The post office in Mumford is closing for good at the end of the month.

It's one of thousands the US Postal Service will close in order to save money. Longtime resident Janet Poore isn't happy about the new option she'll have in order to pick up her mail.

Poore has paid for her Mumford post office box through September.
Once the post office closes, she can have her mail forwarded 12 miles away to Hearne for free during the remainder of her pay term.

Residents who choose to have their mail forwarded somewhere else, will not receive a refund on the monies they have already paid.

Poore says, "It's just really upsetting to me that we really don't have a choice. We don't have an option of having the mail delivered to the house or a mailbox on the road."

She says the Hearne post office boxes are at least ten dollars more than in Mumford. Poore says she would like to have her mail delivered directly to her home like most neighboring rural towns.