Murder Victim's Sister: "I Feel Like Justice is Finally Being Served."

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There's been a break in a Brazos County murder case dating back to 2006, in which a man was shot to death and dumped in a field off of F-M 159.

Brazos County Sheriff's investigators say Eric Hicks, 44, of Houston has been arrested for the murder of College Station resident Demetrius Demon Browder. He was arrested on January 30th and is being held on $200,000 bond.

“It's hard for me to talk about it right now, but I know that God has finally answered our prayers,” said Cecilia Browder, the victim’s older sister.

The investigation stemmed from the discovery of a badly decomposed body in a culvert near Texas 105 in January of 2007. An autopsy showed it was Demetrius Browder, a man who'd been missing since October of the previous year, and that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.

“We want justice for every victim and the family members of the victims, so it’s not like we ever forgot this case,” said Chief Deputy James Stewart, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Deputy Stewart says detectives decided to take another look at the evidence in the case in 2012.

“Our senior investigator looked and said, "Hey boss...I think we got something here that we can go with," said Chief Deputy Stewart.

Detectives say 44-year-old Eric Hicks had always been a suspect in the murder. Phone records reportedly showed that Browder and Hicks met up the night of the murder. Investigators say they were both known drug dealers. Detectives also say Hicks' house looked like he had cleaned up after an incident. College Station Police also discovered Browder's wallet in Hicks’ vehicle during a traffic stop.

“A lot of different things went on that made it pretty clear that this guy at least knew something, if not, was actually the murderer,” said Chief Deputy Stewart.

Public records show Hicks spent time in prison for other crimes between the murder in 2006 and his arrest in 2013. Detectives say Hicks was working in Houston in January 2013, and he was arrested at his job without incident.

Investigators haven't yet released a motive in the case.

“I don't know why they did it, but we found out who it is. So I feel like justice is finally being served,” said Cecilia Browder. “I do believe the healing process will come now.”

Hicks is being held at the Brazos County Jail.