"Murder at the Crossroads" Chandell Lewis and Harry Munson Part One

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Hearne, Texas. Population 4600.

Nicknamed the “Crossroads of Texas, two major rail lines cut through town - just like the train’s whistle slices through the silence of the sleepy city.

Flowers and crosses lean against a tree on Navasota Street. It’s where Chandell Lewis and Harry Munson were gunned down in late October 2008. Their bodies were discovered by a neighbor.

“It’s an ugly sight.”

Terry Boone's house faces that tree. He remembers every detail of that night - moments which still haunt him. Around 10:30pm, Boone heard people fighting across the street, moments later, gunfire filled the air.

“We came down and slipped on some clothes, went over and found Chandell and Harry Munson lying there. Harry was lying by the truck and Chandell was lying by the gas meter on the road. They were both just about gone by then.”

Lewis, 25, was on his way to a party the night of October 25th. Munson, 57, just got home from work.

Their killers had already taken off by the time Boone could call 911. He continues to wonder why police never wanted to speak to him after that night.

“I told them where they might be able to find them, but I never heard anything.”

By the time a rookie Hearne police officer arrived at the crime scene, another man was there. According to that officer’s report, Shedrick Darnell was standing over the body. The officer states Darnell removed something from his pants.

Phone records show Darnell called Lewis several times that night. The last call came within seconds of the shootings.

Chandell's cousin, said she begged police to take a closer look at Darnell.

“I feel in my heart he met up with someone he knew and trusted. Everyone had pretty much gone out of town that weekend except Shedrick.”

Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall told News 3 Darnell was never a suspect.

“Some money was kind of hanging out of his pockets. He took the money and gave it to Lewis' mother later that evening"

Another woman came forward and pointed police toward another man: Torrence Proctor. The woman’s sister was dating Proctor at the time, and according to her statement, Proctor, who went by the nickname “Tray,” confessed to killing two men in Hearne.

It reads:

"Tray repeated to me he was not going to be able to see my sister for a long time because he just shot and killed two people."

"Tray also stated that the next door neighbor just got home from work…I told him to come forward and tell the truth."

There’s no record of investigators following up with the woman who provided the written statement.

Paschall says Proctor passed a polygraph test and was cleared. He declined our request to view the results.

Within weeks of the murders investigators began to narrow in on D’nard Anderson; a man with a long rap sheet. Anderson eventually led police to two other men who now sit in prison for Lewis and Munson's deaths. But the victim's families believe those men were wrongfully convicted…and that someone is covering for the real killer.