Mushrooms are Big Business in Madison County

Monterey Mushrooms ships hundreds of thousands of mushrooms weekly.
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MADISONVILLE- Fungus is growing in a remote part of Madison County and it's big business. Big business that is creating opportunity.

"We'll be adding roughly about 40 jobs into the community," Monterey Mushrooms General Manager David Nesselrode said.

They're good for the economy, and with all the health benefits, good for your body as well.
People love mushrooms, and they're becoming so popular that they're being used in place of meat in some recipes.

To keep pace with that rising demand, Monterey Mushrooms is growing, just like the thousands of pounds of mushrooms they ship every day.

The $15 million expansion of their operation officially kicked off with a groundbreaking ceremony and a Congressman, who had some tough words for his colleagues back on Capitol Hill.

"If Washington will get out of the way...we'll see more expansions like this because these companies are competing in the open market," said US Rep. Kevin Brady (R) Texas.

The people who work at the Monterey Mushrooms farm are excited about the new plans.

"Oh it's awesome because we're going to get the space that we so much need you know with us growing and supplying more routes and more customers I mean we need it badly," Monterey employee Tina Calderon said.

Monterrey is still using the same facility it started with back in 1975. They've had some minor improvements since then, but nothing quite like this.

"This is the biggest expansion that we've had since since this facility was built. Hopefully we'll see a good influx of money back in the community here in Madisonville," said Nesselrode.