NCAA: Johnny Manziel Could Keep Money From Trademark Lawsuit

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Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has filed a lawsuit to protect his "Johnny Football" nickname.

The Manziel family got a trademark on the name "Johnny Football" last fall.

And now the Southeast Texas Record says two Tyler attorneys filed suit on behalf of Manziel's company, JMAN2 Enterprises, against Eric Vaughn who they say was selling t-shirts with the phrase, "Keep Calm and Johnny Football" on them.

A&M is not a party to that lawsuit.

But A&M Vice President for Business Development Shane Hinckley told News 3 on Wednesday that: "The NCAA says Manziel can keep any earnings awarded from a civil judgement, as long as it was not an orchestrated event allowing money to pass to a student-athlete."