NCAA Rule Under Scrutiny During Manziel Investigation

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We spoke with an ESPN reporter, who covers A&M football and recruiting for ESPN's GigEmNation blog, that says a controversial question is rising during the investigation.

"It definitely has been crazy. It has been a media frenzy,” said Khan. "It has been pretty busy over the last couple of days."

It has been busy after allegations that Johnny Manziel broke NCAA rules in the off season by getting paid for his autographs on memorabilia, and there are questions about NCAA's rule.

"The NCAA tries to keep the idea of amateurism sacred. It is very difficult though in this day and age,” said Khan.

The NCAA is zoning in on bylaw where an athlete can become ineligible by accepting money for promoting or advertising the commercial sale of a product or service. That includes profiting off merchandise sold with their autograph.

"The argument is should he get some benefits, should he get some financial compensation for that, that is the discussion that everyone is having right now,” said Khan. “Manziel has made money for a lot of different people. He hasn't been able to take it in himself because of the NCAA rules. Is that fair? Who is to say? Me personally, I think it is unfair."

Whether the rule is fair or not, it's in place.

If it is determined that Manziel violated the NCAA amateurism rules, it would put his eligibility for football games in question

We tried contacting the NCAA, and they have not returned our request for comment.