Narcotics Enforcement Unit Arrests Navasota Man

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On October 10th 2012, the Narcotics Enforcement Unit “Strike Force” executed a narcotics search warrant at 713 Grace Street Navasota.

Investigators recovered 33.6 grams of PCP, 10.0 grams of crack cocaine, and small quantity of marijuana.

Arrested was Thirty Six year old Major Hood of Navasota. Hood was charged with one count of Possession of Marihuana and two counts of Manufacture of a Controlled Substance a first degree felony.

Because of Hood’s prior criminal history, if indicted and convicted, he could face from 25 years to life in prison.

The “Strike Force” unit was organized this last week through a cooperative working agreement between the Navasota Police Department, the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office and the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office.

The unit consists of officers from those three agencies. The unit’s primary responsibility is to collect and share intelligence information on illegal narcotics activity in Grimes County and to plan and conduct undercover narcotics operations involving narcotics purchases and the execution of search and arrest warrants for drug dealers.

Currently, the unit is made up of two officers each from the Navasota Police Department and the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office in addition to an Investigator from the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office.

These officers will be working with the unit in addition to their regular duties with each agency. The unit will also utilize the Emergency Response Teams from the two agencies to help in the execution of search and arrest warrants. This will allow the two ERT units to become familiar with each other’s operating procedures, resources and abilities. In return, these two units will be capable of, and accustomed to, working together in the case of a major emergency event in the county.

The unit could not have been created without the cooperation of the respective department heads and support from other elected and appointed officials including, but not limited to, City Manager Brad Stafford, City Mayor Bert Miller, Chief Shawn Myatt, Sheriff Don Sowell and District Attorney Tuck McLain.

In addition, Commissioners Pam Finke, Julian Melchor, Randy Krueger and Crime Victims Coordinator Brenda Williams have helped with “startup” costs by purchasing equipment and supplies needed to get the enforcement unit underway. It is hoped that the unit will be primarily self-funded through the use of forfeiture funds.

Current forfeited funds under the control of the District Attorney’s Office are being utilized to supplement the contributions already being made by other agencies and officials.

In the first week of its operation, the Unit’s arrest of Major Hood, believe to be a main supplier of PCP and crack cocaine in Navasota, points toward a successful future for this unit. Hood is currently being held in the Grimes County Jail on a no bond.

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Department, the Navasota Police Department and the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office want this message to be clear to those selling and using drugs in our community:

This unit, in cooperation with our normal law enforcement efforts, will take every opportunity to target those responsible for distributing narcotics in Grimes County. If you are using illegal drugs and need help fighting the addiction, there are programs to help. For those who want to continue to sell and use drugs in our community, we will be seeing you soon.