Navasota 4th Parade Not Just a Spectator Sport

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NAVASOTA, Texas - It's a Navasota tradition, and for years, the city's 4th of July Parade has not only been entertaining crowds, but encouraging them to participate as well.

The parade kicked off around 10 a.m. Friday along Washington Street in Navasota. People lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the more than 200 participants.

Entries included everything from an original 1942 fire truck, to a 1965 Malibu. One of the more unique aspects of the parade is the community participation.

"Any kid who wants to be in the parade can come ride their bike or walk along," said Navasota City Councilman Geoff Horn. "It's fantastic."

Tiffany Byers with the City of Navasota said community participation is a great way get people involved, and to encourage a little community pride.

"I think we want to foster that community pride," said Byers, "Everyone is proud to be an American, and we want them to come out and show that pride."

The parade is a favorite among the locals.

"It's a small town, home town kind of feel to it, and that's what Navasota is all about," said Johnny McNally, who's lived in Navasota for nine years.

John Buchanan grew up watching the parade.

"It's nice to celebrate the Fourth of July and be a part of the Navasota Community," said Buchanan.

Now he has a son of his own. Even though he's all grown up, his favorite part of the parade hasn't changed.

"There's lots of candy involved," said Buchanan.

As the parade rolled to an end, organizers hope families, friends and even strangers will go home with a sense of pride in not only their country, but their community as well.