Navasota Animal Shelter: Overcrowded, Desperate for Pet Adoptions

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Overcrowded and desperate for adoptions. That's what the city of Navasota is saying about the only animal shelter in Grimes County.

There are always new faces at the Navasota Animal Shelter.

“We're in a rural community so not many people will just stop by on a whim,” said Navasota Animal Control Officer Lori Toliver.

But Lori Toliver is noticing a trend: the animals seem to be staying much longer these days.

“Some of the animals we have here have been here since July,” Toliver said.

Toliver is in charge of the city of Navasota’s animal control, but she says the stray animal population as of lately is becoming out of control.

“I think people probably bring their animals in and dump them at the shelter for lack of anywhere else to take them,” said Toliver.

The shelter, which takes in animals only from the city of Navasota is already small to begin with but it's even more crowded with the increasing demand for new dogs and cats moving in each month.

“So far I've already taken in 325 animals and that's quite a bit for a community this size,” Toliver said. “Adoptions are probably needed more than anything else.”

So much so, Toliver is expanding the shelters hours of operation through Saturday in hopes to find these animals forever homes. While the ultimate goal is to become a no-kill shelter...

“We need rescues, fosters and adoptions to do that,” said Toliver. “I mean right now I’m doubling up some of the dogs that get along with each other and of course they have to eat by themselves.”

In the meantime Toliver will continue her adoption efforts and urge for pet owners to keep their animals spayed and neutered to combat the growing population.

For those who adopt an animal from the shelter, you can go to either South Central or Beard Veterinary Clinic to get your new pet spayed or neutered for only $50.

You can find out what pets are up for adoption at the Navasota Animal Shelter Facebook page. You can click on the link below this story.