Navasota Blues Fest Impacts Community in Major Way

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NAVASOTA - The Navasota Blues Fest wraps up today, but the show has a lasting impact on the community.

They're singing the Blues now in Navasota and not because times are bad...

"A very positive impact. We have all our rooms booked for this weekend in particular," said Lou Muscarella, owner of Angels Gate Bed and Breakfast in Navasota.

Events like Blues Fest are able to happen in Navasota because of the support of local businesses, specifically through the hotel occupancy tax.

"It is a tax that we charge in order to run our business," Muscarella said.

That means when business is flowing, fortune showers on everyone.

"They help promote our community and local events here, which makes you feel good that if you have to pay a tax, at least it's going to promote your town and your local businesses and community."

Between 8 and 15 percent, depending on the room rate.

Events like the Blues Fest bring in lots of new and returning visitors. In fact, with all that's going on in Navasota, sometimes they get over-booked.

"We were able to pass those folks on to other B&Bs in town so other B&Bs hopefully are benefiting from our phone calls."

Building a sense of community, and taking it easy.