Navasota Gas Station Sells $1 Million Lottery Ticket

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At the A&B Food Mart in Navasota, all the talk is about the lottery.

"I'm asking, asking, asking. Who hit, who hit," asked employee Rupon Sarker.

Sarker has been asking everyone if they have the winning ticket because somebody here won big.

"They won a million dollars," said customer Mario Vizuet.

"It's great. I mean I didn't think it would happen here," said customer Jesus Martinez.

In Saturday's Powerball drawing, one lucky player was able to match five numbers. That adds up to the big win and makes it hard to even conduct an interview at the gas station because when you're talking a million bucks, everybody wants to chime in.

Problem is Rupon, who sold the ticket, isn't even sure who it could be.

"I don't know. A lot of powerball tickets are sold every week," said Rupon.

Now that the store has made someone a millionaire, sales of tickets have picked up.

"When somebody wins money in any store, people come to buy more tickets. They think they're the next winner," said Vizuet.

Whoever was the winner, the town of Navasota is behind you.

"Wish them good luck, whoever he or she is," said customer James Davis.

For selling the winning ticket, the owner of A&B Food Market was awarded $10,000.