Navasota Gets Painted with Pride for Undefeated Rattlers

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The Navasota Rattler football team is one game away from making an appearance in the state championship game. The Rattlers are undefeated and there's a lot of anticipation with the outcome of tonight's game against Bellville.

If the Rattlers win Friday night’s game -- it would be an historical moment this small town hasn't seen in more than 20 years.

“Our team has done so well over the last six years,” explained Navasota Mayor Bert Miller.

“Everyone is so excited about the season,” said Navasota High School Senior and Rattler linebacker Will Imhoff. “We’re doing really, really well.”

Whether you understand the game or not, there is something about football that rekindles spirits and brings communities and the people who live inside --together -- as one.

“It's amazing just looking up and seeing over 5,000 people in the stands,” explained Navasota High School Senior and Cheerleader Bailey Sharp.

“The way the community has gotten together and everyone is fired up about the game, is just unreal,” said quarterback Kadarius Baker. “It just makes us even more hyped up about winning when we’re on the field, and so we’re playing for the fans and the community.”

The undefeated Navasota Rattlers have painted the town with their winning streak this holiday season. December is certainly the season to remember in Navasota as the Rattlers hit the field to bring home the state title for the first time since 1988.

"It hasn't happened in over 20 years so this probably the biggest thing this community has and we all come together as a family,” added Senior Chase Shelton.

The locals, the fans and everyone else in Rattler nation are confident their team has what it takes to bring it home.