"ALL CLEAR" Given at Navasota High School After Bomb Threat

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NAVASOTA, GRIMES COUNTY From Navasota ISD's Facebook Page:

"FURTHER UPDATE: According to local law enforcement and federal ATF officials, Navasota High School has been given the "all-clear" after a bomb threat was reported earlier day. Students will now be moved back to the High School. School will be operating on a normal schedule for the rest of the day."

Navasota ISD Superintendent Rory Gesch said student safety is the district's top concern. He said he was proud to see how well the students handled themselves during this threat and how hard the entire staff worked to follow procedures.

Navasota High School has been evacuated due to a bomb threat.

The school district posted to their Facebook page that Navasota High School students are currently being evacuated from campus after a bomb threat.

Students have been moved to the Jr. High School which is currently on lock-down.

The district said they are working with Navasota Police and Fire Department to secure the high school and Junior high campus. They ask that parents do not try to access the Junior high or high school campus at this time.

The message continued to say when we have all clear from law enforcement, they will notify parents that they may have access to their student.

No students will be released. You will be turned away by law enforcement and district personnel if you do try to access the campus. There are no exceptions.

Navasota ISD is under the direction of law enforcement and are following emergency procedures at this time.