Navasota ISD Plans $62M Bond Election

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Navasota ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved to call a $61,641,801 bond election this May.

The decision was made Monday evening, as a community committee made the recommendation based on major infrastructure needs throughout the district. Besides a need to improve infrastructure, the bond is an estimated 15-year solution to all campuses that are nearing capacity.

Superintendent Rory Gesch said, “The top concerns are safety and security upgrade, infrastructure needs, technology needs and building capacity.”
Two propositions are included in the bond election.

Proposition I includes the following: High school and junior high additions and renovations, estimated to cost $26,818,440; maintenance upgrades – $16,357,370; high school career and technology/fine arts – $5,747,500; Navasota Intermediate – $5,990,710; Webb Elementary – $1,034,731; and Highpoint Elementary – $1,821,050.

The most costly includes campus-wide classroom renovations at the high school and junior high school campuses.

Improvements would also include the addition of a common cafeteria and serving area that would link both campuses together, over 10 additional classrooms and an additional corridor, as well as interior science classroom renovations.

The common cafeteria is a bi-level, buffet style design that is used at larger high schools, as well as some college campuses.

During a meeting on Feb. 10, administrators said they visited campuses elsewhere and witnessed lunch lines moving pretty steadily since various foods are offered in different areas of the shared cafetorium.

Navasota Intermediate School improvements include classroom and rock gym renovations for an 18,400-square-foot classroom and admin area addition, refurbish existing rock gym, a 2,500-square-foot kitchen/cafeteria addition and serving line equipment, and new parking and driveway. The addition of 40 new parking spaces and driveway creates a drop-off loop between the current Intermediate building and Brule.
Webb Elementary School site parking and playground improvements presented include the following: New parking to create an additional 132 spaces, driveway paving and playground improvements that include new playground equipment and canopy, and safety and security fencing; demolition of walls to create flex space and add windows.

Other security renovations include a reconfigured new entry, security entry vestibule, new offices and a new reception area.

Highpoint Elementary School improvements include an 8,250-square-foot addition that would add eight new classrooms and a large instructional space; as well as relocation of playground away from a drainage ditch, a secured entry vestibule at the main entrance and restroom renovations, amongst others.
Campus maintenance upgrades include new HVAC and roof, as well as improvements and upgrades for technology infrastructure and existing restrooms – including those inside dressing facilities at the junior high and high school campuses.

A Career and Technology Education (CATE) fine arts addition and renovations are also included.

Proposition II includes a total of $3,872,000 worth of improvements to the auditorium, estimated to cost $2,420,000, and for the administration office at $1,452,000.

Auditorium renovations include everything from maintenance, mechanical HVAC, electrical, technology infrastructure and ADA non-compliance upgrades to new lobby area, flooring, and exterior and interior lighting, as well as accessible stage area and restrooms.

Administration office renovations include maintenance upgrades, new exterior building lighting, new technology, ADA non-compliance upgrades, update finishes and door hardware, new flooring throughout, new exterior lighting and mechanical HVAC upgrades.